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Problems of video game industry

Sometimes you can't even understand how people could make such decisions. For example server browser of Battlefield 4 or dota 2 update 7.0.

Micro-transactions (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided) and three years old early access (Dayz standalone). Day one dlc (The Division). Games are now cut not only on dlcs but even on separate parts (Hitman episodes). Don't forget about indie games that cost as triple A projects (No Man's Sky). Multiple indie games without gameplay that exist only because you can get cards from them and sell those cards at Steam community market. Games giveaways to pass Steam green light. And there are also other things for example in CS:GO comfortable conditions are made for second time game purchase so cheaters, derankers and smurfs could use it.

Some games (CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2) are being played only because of skins which may cost like a tv and because of that there are a lot of casinos (whose auditory often is not mature) and other scams.

Do you like 60 dollars games? After the purchase you can't get your money back which creates situation where quality of game doesn't matter as long as you can sell it. Why all those preorders with useless bonuses exist? They exist to sell the game before client would know what this game is exactly and which problems it has. Do you remember demo versions? Where are they now? Upgraded version of preorders is Kickstarter where you don't even have the game but you already want money, and not always the game would be finished or would have all promised features (Torment: Tides of Numenera).

Games also have some problems, grind is added in almost any genre and usually is labeled as rpg elements often paired with craft. Somewhere there is no balance, somewhere there is terrible interface, somewhere you don't like gameplay. Everyone knows about ubisoft towers and other inventory upgrades for the cost of tiger skin. Besides there are games whose main goal is to make you grind (Warframe). Terrible dialogues and quests such as "kill raiders" which don't change anything (Fallout 4). Aside from that games may be unoptimized (Watch dogs) or untested (Mafia III).

And here is the question what about videogame journalists? Nothing, money can get you any review. How would games evolve without critics? And why user reviews are usually lower than critics reviews on metacritic?

We should blame not only those who do such things but also those who support it with money or any other way, for example this scam "repost, recruit friend and you will get ingame currency". All those clicker games what kind of people play them? In the end don't you ever do preorders.